For at least a week now (it already seems a lifetime), you (and I) have been bombarded with news of self-identified “climate activists” flinging refuse of various consistencies at unsuspecting art masterpieces around the world; or otherwise simply affixing themselves to the art…
There are “smashes” in the theater and then there are “flops.” Audiences can usually tell one from the other. Everything in between is a mystery…
By God, I have had this Congress. The line keeps rattling in my head —hollered by a hellion John Adams at the outset of 1776 — crying me home as I read…
I actually invested in the original production of Into the Woods. My memory of this has long since faded (along with my dough), but the memory, at…
A Skyscraper Jazz Luminary
The inimitable co-creator of Hair, James Rado, passed away Tuesday night. My obituary of him is in today’s New York Times.
The word “sanitized” dances in my head, thinking about the Tony Awards show tonight. As we so excruciatingly have come to understand, theater is the…
An actor I have long admired passed away this week, much too soon. My obituary for him is in today’s New York Times.
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